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Stock Embroidery Designs

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At OnLine Embroidery we are proud to offer you a range of 20,000 designs to help you develop the perfect idea for your business, personal or gift idea.

How do you find the designs? Just glance through our catalog and find the file number you want. Write it down. Also, in order to service you better, keep an eye of the size of your design and the stitch count. The stitch count is how we price your designs.

How much does it cost?
$1.00 per thousand.
Here's a sample:

Small USA

Small USA
File #: DC0166
Size: 5.44"W by 5"H
Stitch count: 6678

The stitch count is how we price our embroidery. This design would cost $6.68 cents to run on a given item at this size of 5.44 inch wide and 5 inches high. Just browse through our catalog and you can get an idea of not only great ideas but also an approximate cost of what you want.

Of course we can add wording as needed to help customize your designs for you. Any wording must be added to the stitch count.

E-mail us and we will give you a quick quote for any additional wording or treatment you have in mind. Need help? Just type in! :-)

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