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OnLine Embroidery Policies

1. Pricing is based per job. Prices change without warning or notice.

2. Payment is due upon delivery. 50% Deposits may be requested for orders over $100. Payment should be made by Cash or Checks to OnLine Embroidery. $25. minimum fee for insufficient funds.

3. Due to the custom nature of our products dictate that cancellations and returns are NOT permissible. Requests for changes will be accommodated when possible and may involve an additional fee.

4. Phone orders accepted but with verbal approval of clients signature to proceed and produce the order. Order forms or client order form/purchase order must be on file for each job.

5. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When manufacturing product which incorporates these logos, we assume you have obtained permission. OnLine Embroidery does however, reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of this permission. OnLine Embroidery accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of such material. You agree to indemnify the company for any loss due to the unauthorized use of such logos or designs.

7. OnLine Embroidery is a registered company. Designs and custom work developed for clients become the ownership of OnLine Embroidery and can not be used without written permission from OnLine Embroidery or its clients. Infringement/duplication of these designs may result in legal action.

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